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Holistic project planning

Let's create something new!

Let’s create something new!

At ALLithium®, the energy storage system is configured as an integrated unit with charging technology and extensive documentation. As experienced experts, we guarantee personal, complete support for your lithium-ion project, tailored to your needs. We help you to conceptualize your project, determine all components, coordinate them and plan a smooth interaction with the application.


Documentation is key

We have established an efficient and transparent documentation process from the first contact to commissioning and disposal. It allows us to maintain an overview of the project at all times. The ALLithium® energy storage system is also accompanied by extensive documentation to guarantee functionality and safety in every phase of the life cycle.


Fully charged

When it comes to batteries, the fact that a full cycle not only consists of discharging, but also of charging, is often neglected. As experts in charging technology, we ensure that the ALLithium® energy storage system not only releases energy, but also quickly and efficiently resumes it.


Concentrated competence

We conduct all phases of project management in-house. From design to programming to production, we maintain complete control and are therefore independent and flexible. In addition, all employees are continuously trained in order to always meet the highest expectations in terms of organization and technology – those of the customer as well as our own high standards.


From birth to the end of life

Lithium-ion technology is often faced with two major doubts: dependence on cell producers and the disposal after the end of life. We have established long-term partnerships for both aspects in order to be able to offer you the ideal overall package, economically and ecologically.