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Lithium-ion batteries are the most diverese batteries around. We chose the NCA technology because it represents the best total package in terms of safety, performance, durability and cost efficiency. In the case of special requirements or customized projects, we are most certainly also able to use other cell technologies because we are not tied to any particular manufacturer.


Energy density

The energy density of NCA batteries is the highest of all lithium-ion batteries. As a result, a minimum weight and volume can be achieved, which enables optimal design solutions, particularly in applications with limited installation space.


Cycle stability

The ALLithium® energy storage unit achieves a service life of at least 3,000 full cycles, subject to the operating conditions. A big advantage, especially compared to lead-acid batteries, is the possibility of opportunity charging. This even leads to a longer lifespan!


Protection against fire by the BMS

Due to the fire events frequently reported in the media, there are still many doubts surrounding the issue of lithium-ion batteries. In fact, the danger that originates from an ALLithium® energy storage system is considerably lower than that of a lead acid battery. The BMS recognizes potential risks such as overvoltage or overtemperature and immediately takes countermeasures independently. The signals can also be output via the data interface and be evaluated from a higher-level computing unit, e.g. from the vehicle or a host computer.