Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

A performance level with redundant safety functions guarantees the safe use of ALLithium® batteries. Maximum protection is provided by permanent monitoring of all safety-relevant operating data such as temperature, voltage, current and communication. This is supported by the excellent quality of the components used.


Transport experts

Lithium-ion batteries are subject to complex transport regulations not only in air transport, but also on rails and roads. In order to transport the ALLithium® battery safely and in perfect condition, we comply with the legal regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. What sounds like a matter of course at first glance often turns out not to be implemented in current market practice. At ALLithium® we have built up a profound wealth of knowledge and a reliable network to successfully overcome the high hurdles.


Therefore, examine whoever binds forever

All modules and the battery management system are UN38.3 tested and certified. In addition, we are happy to carry out all desired tests such as IEC 62133 at the customer’s request.