Modularity is the trump card

Modularity is the trump card

The biggest challenge in servicing lithium-ion batteries is transporting them. Defective copies can only be shipped with high administrative effort and disproportionate costs. Often, however, it is not the entire battery that is faulty, but only one cell or module. Due to the modular design of the ALLithium® battery, only the defective module can be replaced in the event of a repair. Since they are UN38.3 approved, transport is possible without hesitation.


Self-sufficiency as a self-contained system

Once a battery is permanently installed in the vehicle in which it is used, it is virtually impossible to replace it in the event of a fault. The ALLithium® battery, on the other hand, is a self-contained system that can be temporarily replaced with a spare battery when repairs are needed. Thus, the time until the completion of the repair can be bridged seamlessly.


Legal certainty through qualified electricians

Lithium-ion batteries are electrical equipment that falls within the scope of DGUV regulation 3 in Germany. Accordingly, only qualified electricians are allowed to perform certain maintenance activities. At ALLithium®, all service technicians meet the requirements for a competent person in accordance with TRBS 1203 in order to carry out all electrotechnical work in a legally compliant manner.


Analysis of usage habits

The ALLithium® battery records operating data during use. Based on these, an analysis can be performed to optimize the use of the battery or vehicle.