The story

From Pb to Li

From Pb to Li

With decades of experience in the lead-acid battery industry and keeping a finger on the technological pulse of the times, it has become increasingly apparent over the last few years that lithium-ion technology is not just a fad. ALLithium® was founded in order to take account of the increasing relevance and to actively promote the new generation of batteries.


Symbiosis of tradition and future

However, this does not mean a complete departure from the valuable wealth of experience of the last quarter century. Rather, we at ALLithium® have made it our task to merge the best aspects of both worlds into an even better system. While we at ALLithium® take care of new technologies, the Allgäu Batterie team will continue to be available for all aspects of lead technology.


The Allgäu triumvirate

Just as Trettachspitze, Mädelegabel and Hochfrottspitze are known far beyond the Allgäu, we would also like to establish our ALLithium® battery nationwide. In order to live up to this claim graphically, the triumvirate was incorporated into our logo in a stylized form and keeps reminding us that we aim high without forgetting our origins.